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Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember, Indonesia

Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember (ITS Surabaya) was established as a public technical university on November 10th, 1960, in Surabaya, Indonesia. The main campus of an area totalling 180 hectares is situated in the eastern part of the port city. The vision of ITS year 2020 – 2024 is to become a world class university contributing to national self-sustenance and becoming an example in education, research, and community service, and innovation development specially to support industry and maritime affairs. 


ITS determines to become a university with international recognition in science, technology, and arts. It has six faculties and a vocational faculty:

1.      Faculty of Science and Data Analytics

2.      Faculty of Industrial Technology and Systems Engineering

3.      Faculty of Civil, Planning, and Geo Engineering

4.      Faculty of Marine Technology

5.      Faculty of Intelligent Electrical Technology and Informatics

6.      Faculty of Creative Design and Digital Business

7.      Faculty of Vocational Studies


ITS Surabaya has the following research centres:

1.      Manufacture, Transportation, and Logistics

2.      Sustainable Energy

3.      Artificial Intelligence and Biomedical Technology

4.      Advanced Materials and Nanotechnology

5.      Internet of Things and Defense Technology

6.      Food, Agriculture, and Biotechnology

7.      Disaster Mitigation and Climate Change

8.      Marine and Geoscience and Technology

9.      Fundamental Sciences 

10.  Infrastructure and Sustainable Environment



Our international strategy through programs with overseas partners include:

1.      Mobility

Faculty and non-academic staff mobility

Student mobility

2.      Short program

ITS offers many international short programs based on project-based learning such as Community and Technological (CommTECH) Camp, Engineers in Action, Global Leadership Camp, Global Project Based Learning (GPBL), etc.

3.      Study Excursion for undergraduate students

4.      International Internship

International students will be teamed-up with Indonesian student and assigned to an industrial or community projects. The student will be attached to a laboratory at ITS.

5.      Joint Research & supervision

6.      Dual/Double Degree

7.      Connecting Classroom 

Using Internet to connect class-rooms with overseas partners