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Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember, Indonesia

Brief History
On the 10th November 1945 in Surabaya, Bung Tomo as one of the national iconic heroes, led a greatbattle to defend the independence of Indonesia against the colonizers. The battle laid a strong foundation for Indonesia, thus the day was declared as the national hero day and Surabaya was declared as the city of hero.
Founded in 1960, Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember (ITS) has been named according to the above explained great event in order to inflame the spirit of struggle and heroism.
Time has proven that ITS is one of the best sceience and technological university in Indonesia that has 5 faculties namely:
- Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences
- Faculties of Industrial Technology
- Faculty of Civil Engineering and Planning
- Faculty of Marine Technology
- Faculty of Information Technology
The total of departments are 28 with details as in the following:
- 6 diploma programs (D3)
- 28 bachelor programs (S1)
- 18 master programs (S2)
- 12 doctoral programs (S3)

ITS Today
Being the only well known public university in science and technology in East Java, vision of ITS is to be an innovative research university with international recognition. Meanwhile mission of ITS is to contibrute to the development of science, technology and art for the welfare of the community through educational activities, research, community services, and management systems based on Information and Communication Technology (ICT).
Since 2011, ITS has declared the initiates to be an eco-campus. By involving all stakeholders, insluding lecturers, nonacademic staffs,students and alumni, ITS carries outseveral programs suc as implementing university-wide-composting systems, regular tree plantation and cleaning up the campus.

Not only that, ITS also actively involves in research and community services by conducting a lot of studies for the benefit of the society. One of them is the recovery analysis of mud volcano disaster at Lapindo Sidoarjo. In that study, ITS Team discovers the use of Lapindo mud as a fire-resistant-brick which will turn the disaster into economic benefits for the impacted people. ITS Team also actively involve in the community recovery process until now.
In terms of innovation, ITS students' inventions have won many competitions at both national and international levels. At national level, in 2012 ITS with V-Yu and Ri-NHO robots have won Indonesia Art Robot Contest in Yogyakarta and Indonesia Robotic Contest in Bandung. ITS has also won a gold medal on student creativity in creating micro-strip antenna for satellite and virtual wayang  card game in 2012 National Student Science Competition (called PIMNAS).
In 2013, ITS has successfully become the first winner for all categories in PIMNAS. At international level, ITS successfully won the 2012 Atlantic Maritime Challenge in Ireland. Moreover, ITS with its innovation in high efficient car design won some categories in 2010-2012 Shell Eco Marathon (SEM) Sepang Malaysia. Those achievements were continued with the invention of electric cars in 2013 named Ezzy ITS 1, Ezzy ITS 2, and Molina.
In terms of student extracurricular, to mention a few, many times ITS choir received many awards in international choir competition. ITS English debate team and science team have also gained many international prizes for their achievements.