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Dalian University of Technology

Dalian University of Technology (DUT) is a national key university under the direct leadership of the Ministry of Education. It was established originally as the School of Engineering of Dalian University in April 1949. Dalian University was divided in July 1950 and the School of Engineering of Dalian University was reestablished independently as Dalian Institute of Technology (DIT), which was again renamed as Dalian University of Technology in March 1988. With the support of "the 985 Project" and "the 211 Project", bringing forth the spirit of innovation, DUT is engaged in grasping the historic opportunity of rejuvenating the old northeastern industrial base, and carrying out a talent-training strategy in the hope of building DUT into a world-famous and research-oriented university.

DUT has three campuses (Lingshui, Development Zone and Panjin) in two cities (Dalian and Panjin). It covers a total area of 4.335 million square meters (1071 acres) with a construction area of 1.424 million square meters (352 acres). DUT has now 3,808 faculty and staff members, including about 2,255 full-time teachers, 678 Ph.D. supervisors, and 684 professors. DUT has now about 39,121 full-time students, including 4,138 Ph. D. students, 10,672 Master students, 23,606 undergraduates and 646 international students.
DUT keeps the education of talents as its primary mission and attaches equal importance to undergraduate and graduate programs. It has formed a multi-disciplinary system which focuses on science and engineering and coordinates science, engineering, economics, management, humanities, law, philosophy and arts. It has now 4 national key primary disciplines and 6 national key secondary disciplines, 27 Ph. D. programs in the primary disciplines, and 129 Ph.D. programs in the secondary disciplines, 42 Master programs in the primary disciplines and 219 Master programs in the secondary disciplines, 25 post-doctoral research stations and 87 undergraduate programs, including 23 national special programs. In the past 66 years, nearly 200,000 students graduated from DUT who are working in wide-ranging fields. Their reputable characters and excellent performance have brought them wider acclaim and recognition from all social sectors. Among them are political leaders from the central government to the provincial and municipal governments, academicians, presidents of the higher institutes of learning, and a large number of renowned entrepreneurs and technical engineering experts.

DUT is very competitive in scientific research. There are quite a number of advanced research platforms, including 1 National 2011 Collaborative Innovation Center (of Major Machine Manufacturing in Liaoning), 3 State Key Laboratories (of Coastal & Offshore Engineering, Fine Chemicals, and Structural Analysis for Industrial Equipment), 3 State Engineering Research Centers (for Ship Building, E-Government Simulation, and Advanced Equipment Design and CAE Software R&D), 2 State Engineering Laboratory (of Industrial Equipment Energy Saving Control Technology), 1 National University Science and Technology Park, 1 State Technology Transfer Center, and 1 State-level Technology Center, etc.. Since 2001, DUT has won 42 prizes for state scientific and technological achievements, 407 prizes at pronicial level. Since 2012, DUT has won 3 Patent Excellence Awards of China as the first accomplish units.

DUT has now established long-term stable collaboration with 203 universities, research institutions, international and enterprise groups in 29 countries and regions, and co-established one Confucius Institutes with Pennsylvania State University and Belarusian State University. Nearly 350 internationally acknowledged scholars and researchers have been invited to work in an honorary, visiting capacity at DUT. For the past few years, about 2,500 professors and students had been sent overseas for futher study and research each year.
DUT keeps fostering elites, promoting science and technology, inheriting excellent cultures and guiding the social climate as its mission, adheres to DUT spirit of “Unity and Progress, Truth and Innovation”, dedicates itself to the creation, discovery, impart, conservation and application of knowledge, and dares to undertake social responsibilities to serve the country and the world.