ASEAN-China Network for Cooperation and Exchanges among Engineering
and Technology Universities

Member Universities

Hue University (HU)

Hue City was the capital of Vietnam’s last imperial dynasty and has been recognized as a World Heritage Site because of its natural beauty, architecture and history. Since its establishment in 1957, Hue University (HU) has been recognized as a key academic and scientific research hub in central Vietnam and the region. By training competent people and providing qualified human resources to the processes of industrialization and modernization in Vietnam, HU has succeeded in building its position as a prestigious institution in Vietnamese higher education system.


Currently, Hue University is a large non-profit public coeducational higher education institution, officially accredited and recognized by the Ministry of Education and Training, Vietnam. Hue University offers courses and programs leading to officially recognized higher education degrees. Hue University is responsible for training students at undergraduate and postgraduate levels, conducting research and applying science and technology in a multitude of disciplines to serve the construction and development of the country in general and Central Vietnam and Western Highlands in particular.

 Based on the multidisciplinary model, the university’s training programs cover almost all disciplines at undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral levels. Hue University has 146 undergraduate programs, 102 Master-degree programs, and 55 Doctoral degree ones, all of which are aimed to achieve the criteria of quality, autonomy, and integration.

 The 09 member universities, 03 schools and branch of Hue University in Quang Tri province include:

-        Sciences (Natural Sciences, Social Sciences and Humanities)

-        Medicine and Pharmacy (General Medicine, Dentistry, Pharmacy, Nursing)

-        Education (Education in multi-fields)

-        Agriculture and Forestry (Agriculture, Forestry, Fishery, Post-harvest Technology, Rural Engineering and Rural Development)

-        Arts (Fine Arts, Sculpture, etc)

-        Economics (Business Administration, Banking, Accounting, Finance,…)

-        Foreign Languages (English, French, Russian, Chinese, Japanese, Vietnamese Studies, International Studies,…)

-        Law

-        Physical Education

-        Tourism and hospitality (Hospitality, Tour Operations, Tourism Studies, ICT in Tourism and Leisure,…)

-        Engineering and Technology

-        International School

-        Branch of Hue University in Quang Tri province (aims to become the University of Engineering)


The quality of the staff members of Hue University has incessantly increased. So far, Hue University has had 272 professors and associate professors, 743 Doctors, 1,438 Masters, and 560 senior  and principal lecturers.


Hue University hosts numerous laboratories, research centers and institutes, including: the Hospital of the University of Medicine and Pharmacy; Institutes of Resources and Environment, Institute of Biotechnology; Institute of Open Education; etc.

In the domestic academic circle, Hue University is a pioneer in promoting international academic exchanges. Hue University has signed more than 196 memoranda with universities from many countries such as the USA, several European universities, Australia, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, SEA... These memoranda focus on key points including faculty and students exchange, cooperation, joint study programmes, seminars and conferences organization and information exchange. Hue University joined in the world education network and is an official and joint member of prestigious international organizations (ASEA-UNITNET, AUF, CLVUN, CONFRASIE, VBFoodnet, AUN-QA, JICA, KOICA, VLIR-OUS, AIMS, EACEA, IPVS, CASE, ACI, One Health, MI, etc.)

Since 2015, Hue University has created and successfully implemented a lot of cooperation projects with the funding amount of millions US dollar. These projects have greatly contributed to Hue University’s training and research activities, as well as to the socio-economic development in Central and wider Vietnam. They are almost related to key research fields in Hue University such as agriculture and forestry, economics, education, medicine, environmental science, social science, and so on. Some typical ongoing projects include: Institutional University Cooperation Program (IUC) funded by VLIR-OUS, Belgium, SHARE (EU support to Higher Education in the ASEAN Region), Eramus+TOURIST: European and Vietnamese Collaboration on Graduate Employment, Erasmus+CDAE (Curriculum Design in AgroEcology), Erasmus+CCPL (Curricula development on Climate Change Policy and Law),…